Big Rose Plant


Roses maintain a mysterious allure to gardeners, and many famous gardens feature acres of roses of every imaginable type. In fact, the sheer variety of the genus Rosa can be overwhelming when it’s time to choose a few roses to plant in the home landscape. For example, a search for this genus on the well-known Missouri Botanical Garden website returns 151 rose cultivars, while the Journal of Experimental Botany reports that more than 30,000 cultivated varieties exist. When you want a big rose, however, decide whether it’s big rose blooms you want or large bushes. Most roses grow in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 9, although some are more cold-hardy.



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big rose plant

The largest rose bushes are the climbers, the shrub and species roses, and the grandiflora, which is a cross between a hybrid tea and a floribunda type. Many climbers are robust growers and can reach 20 feet,


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